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I worked as well as working as PHP devloper (wordpress , CI), did some UI stuffs CSS , Angular js , worked as oracle DBA but now i am full time java developer but if needed i do SEO stuffs for my sites , write some blogs with my poor english some time. So i dont know what i am but i love doing all the things that comes on my way. . Jack of all Master of none may be it stands true for me. But I had a planning time back, I shared the same plan with many friends, few implemented and they are up there but i never got time to execute the same plan. It's never late to start . So starting this page as a start

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    Designer / Wordpress developer

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    Plugin Developer

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    SEO Expert

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Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

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when you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability.

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