3 best google map plugins for wordpress

How do you locate yourself in the digital world?

Suppose, you are going to start a small digital marketing company and you need an identical place on the web where people can locate you. And what will be the solution? Ah, Google Maps! People are already using Google Maps for WordPress. But not in any kind of advanced way.

So, let’s go back to the point. If you are building your site on WordPress or it is already on it, then which one you will try out? The old way to embed Google Map codes on your site or these Google Map plugins???? Believe me, after experiencing them on the go, you will forget embedding Google Maps on your website.

Now, we are going to discuss the feature of these 3 Google Map Plugins for WordPress and their prices one by one.

Before we kick start the list…. See this.

Reasons to Integrate These Google Map Plugins in Your Site

Well, for every website Google lets its users to integrate the Google Map API code by which they can show a map up in their sites. But to be honest, this is not going to help if they are missing any specific requirements.

For example, you have a renowned restaurant side to your office and want to show that on your website, but you can’t edit google map according to your way of using it. So, these Google Map Plugins will help you to edit whatever things you want to show up in your website.

You can directly install these Google Map plugins to your WordPress site, edit the available maps, to upload and fit your requirements direct in them. You can add whatever things you want the street no, house location, any landmark according to your way of the view.

Advanced Google Map Plugin (Premium)

Advanced Google Map Plugins! By the name, anyone can assume that this is not an ordinary Google map plugin. I may tell you that Advanced Google Map plugin is the bestselling and highest rated Google Map Plugin for WordPress.

But you may ask why is that? Because its features and usability have to make it such a worthy plugin till now. Now, let’s roll to its features.

Few Features of Advance Google Map Plugin For WordPress

  • You can easily assign any location on the map according to your use.
  • Import unlimited location data in a CSV file through Advanced Google Map Plugin. It’s super easy.
  • Easy customization.
  • Separate Map size adjustability for both Mobile and Pc viewers.
  • You can also display your posts on Google Map.
  • You can make custom pop-outs containing information about a specific place, street or thing.
  • WPMl supported, which means this plugin supports multilingual websites.

We can’t write down all the never-ending features of the Advanced Google Maps Plugin, but from this rough review, you can easily know what things you can do this by the plugin.


Since Advanced Google Maps Plugin is a premium one, its regular license will cost you $599 (for 1 user). I think it is kinda cool to have this plugin at such low cost.

Map List Pro (Premium)

Map List Pro is an awesome Google Map Plugin which you will love after using the first time. The great thing about this plugin is that it allows you to make changes to your map in real time, without any hassle. This is a premium plugin which is listed on CodeCanyon at just $19 for 1 regular license.

With this plugin, you can create whatever lists you wish to. Just like making a list of local offices, or contact lists, everything seems well fitted in a site while using Map List Pro plugin. Don’t wait and scroll below to see it’s features.

Features Of Map List Pro

  • Real-time editing on maps.
  • Sort things according to any category, filters.
  • Set features images for locations you wish to edit.
  • Custom maps style.
  • Auto zoom feature enabled.
  • Get directed to your destination by Direction option.


After all, with these awesome features this plugin is listed on CodeCanyon from where you can buy a regular license of Map List pro for only $19. But, would you mind scrolling below?

WP Google Maps (Free)

Last but not least, WP Google Maps is the most popular and free plugin among all those three plugins which we are discussing right now. Wp Google Maps is a famous google map plugin having more than 400,000+ active installation. But, do you know why the plugin is so famous? Its feature makes it so.

Feature Of WP Google Maps

While we have a premium version of this plugin, the free version supports these below-mentioned features.

  • Unlimited markers per single map.
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • Custom map template supported.
  • Supports Google Map street views.
  • By using this, you can show maps on side bars too.
  • Free of cost.

The premium version of this plugin supports high-quality markers along with location overview, description and feature images. Fair enough to have such functions in a free plugin.

So, what do you think after seeing this list of 3 Best WordPress Google Map Plugins? According to our view, these themes are best for enterprises, local repositories or any kind of websites. You can use them according to your own way of view, edit, show and do whatever you want. Now, you know all the advantages of using these plugins, so better hurry up and choose one to start the map making.😉