8 best wordpress email marketing plugin 2018

8 best wordpress email marketing plugin 2018: In those recent years, Digital marketing is taking all over the Internet. Believe it or not, but I do feel the vibes. As the trend goes down, marketing peoples are hunting down every better way to promote their online business and stuffs with Email marketing. And what are you using then? Don’t worry. Here we come with the 8 Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins of 2018. If you are a digital marketing freak and using WordPress as your cms, then you should not miss out these awesome email marketing plugins at all.

Email marketing plugins come in handy when you are sending a ton of Emails regarding your commercial advertisement or any kind of massive update to hell lot of subscribers. Even if you choose to do all these tasks manually, you”ll end up having a bad headache. So, according to me the best way to get the job will be to get it done by any of the Best Email Marketing Plugins mentioned below.

How Does Email Marketing Work Out With WordPress?

The invention is the mother of all the necessities. WordPress surely follows that ethics.

In these recent years, WordPress has built itself into a whole new level with capabilities to create multi-purpose websites. For a long time, it comprises of different functions, accessibilities and even more. And We know that there are some WordPress Plugins designed for Email marketing. But Who knows which of them are best to pick?

So, in this article, we will be picking out best WordPress plugins for Email marketing. And the plus point is that they have some additional helpful functionalities along Email Marketing. Let’s head out.

So, Let Start The List of 8 best wordpress email marketing plugin 2018


There is a mark of quality service in this name which you can never avoid when talking about Email marketing. MailChimp is a company which provides Email marketing services as well as some other services too. So, the user has to create a MailChimp account and he/she may start availing service as soon as he/she connects the money site to MailChimp acocunt.

Using MailChimp can help you especially even when you are a newbie in the market. It is absolutely free and awesome tool to use for email marketing and also has subscription services too. You can easily opt out which one to choose according to your use.


Some features Of MailChimp Email Marketing Plugin

  • Integration of the MailChimp subscription form is totally free, even if you choose to use it on thousands of websites or campaigns.
  • Easy to use and integrate with WordPress site.
  • Dedicated and assuring chat support.
  • User-friendly and mobile-optimized appearance.
  • You can integrate Mailchimp with other popular contact form plugins.

MailChimp Subscription Plans

  • 1st – Free. ( Includes the MailChimp User subscriptions)
  • 2nd – $10/mo.

3rd – $199/mo.

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Having a stance on this plugin, I will say that Mailster is the 2nd best wordpress email marketing plugin 2018 which has been used by digital marketers all over the world. Mailster is a premium WordPress Email marketing plugin which is known for its great usability and speed-to-call access. This plugin includes many functions as quick campaign setup, drag and drop Email visual maker, and more.

There are many things for which you may choose this premium WordPress plugin. Obviously, their support is too great, for which you can never complain. Besides that, here are some key features of Mailster Email marketing plugins which you should not miss to know.


Key features

  • Drag & drop Email campaign creator.
  • Attractive and accurate analytics for Email tracking.
  • Auto Responder for follow up emails.
  • Mobile and user-friendly subscription forms.
  • Unlimited subscription forms for each user.
  • 24/7 attentive and helping customer service.

You might have scrolled through all the key features of this plugin and needlessly I don’t have to elaborate more. But still, Mailster is really a cool and easy to use Email marketing plugin which Is going to ease the hectic working process which occurs in a normal Email marketing campaign.

Price Of Mailster – $49.

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OptinMonster is another renowned WordPress plugin used for Email marketing which gives a perfection to each Email Champaign. Also, this is an awesome Lead generation software. You can call this a combine Email and lead generation Campaign making software.

OptinMonster has many features as like easy integration with other WordPress plugins, having more than 3 subscription-based offers. You just have to install the OptinMonster WordPress plugin on your WordPress dashboard and you are good to go. Here are all the key features of OptinMonster in below.

Key Feature

  • More than 65 pre-made Email templates to use and edit as per your needs.
  • Aggressive targeting and user tracking system.
  • Drag and drop page builder.
  • Can be easily integrated with any kind of website or eCommerce site.

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Designed especially for opt-in Email marketing, Newsletter WordPress plugin drops 4th on the ThemeWidget list of best WordPress Email marketing plugins.

While fulfilling every kind of need of any marketer, this plugin allows its users to add extra specific functions by their free add-ons. This Email marketing plugin also helps you to send aggressively and lead generating Emails to your customers without giving you any a headache.


Key Features

  • Mobile friendly and responsive form designs.
  • Pre-added advance analytics configuration.
  • Easy installation on WordPress.
  • No error while adding it to WordPress. Can be integrated with other plugins too.
  • Free and Premium add-ons for better service availability.

This plugin alone can handle any kind of campaign for even a new site created from scratch or any kind of professional one. While using this lightweight and effective Email marketing WordPress plugin, you need not worry about the results. Because they will give you instant conversion rate compared to any other WordPress plugin.


  • Free
  • $49
  • $129

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Sumo List Builder

Planning to grow your subscriber list?  Sumo List Builder can add great value to your plan and working strategy if you can handle it properly. Sumo helps you to create custom and classy looking Newsletter forms with automatic pop-ups. It also supports drag and drops features which everyone seeks.

By Sumo, you can make ending note pop-ups while a user leaves your websites. If planned perfectly, you can hook your users to your site by Sumo List Builder. Sumo lets you use the free plan effectively before switching to its pro version. It’s really cool.

Key Features

  • Pre-designed Email templates.
  • Easy Integration with other WordPress plugins.
  • Mobile optimized and user-friendly.
  • Drag & Drop builder option available.
  • Supportive customer care.
  • Powerful targeting and value-based lead generation.


  • Free
  • $29/mo (Premium)
  • $199/mo (Premium)

Email Subscribers & Newsletters

As the name suggests, Email Subscribers & Newsletters is a valuable and power packed WordPress plugin designed for Email marketing and Newsletter services. By this plugin, you can collect both Email lists and send awesome newsletters at the same time. This plugin works in an effective way so that you never have to worry about sending newsletters frequently to your users.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters Plugin will help you send automated blog posts, offers about any eCommerce website, or anything you need to be done. You just have to adjust a few settings and the plugin will do its job meanwhile. This is a plugin which is recommended for Email marketers, bloggers, and eCommerce Website holders to send their users newsletters.

Key features

  • One- click installation.
  • Welcome Emails for the first time visitors to your website.
  • Easy user access control.
  • Email scheduling.
  • Supportive customer care.
  • Easy integration with other plugins.

There is nothing to doubt that this single plugin can keep all the tracks and collect Email lists while you do your stuffs. So better not to think twice while you are getting a lot of features along with a free and premium service worth $12/mo.


  • $12/mo (Premium)


Actually, this is an older version of MailPoet which is not in use lately. MailPoet is been reproduced in the new version as MailPoet 3. MailPoet 3 contains offers such as free and premium. The best thing is that you can collect up to 2000 Emails and their data without switching to a premium plan. Yes, that includes with the free plan and after you complete collecting 2000 Email lists, you can change to premium plan then.

You don’t have to be on a separate dashboard to send newsletter and Marketing Emails to your subscribers while using MailPoet. MailPoet itself creates a unique dashboard in your main WordPress dashboard; so that you don’t have to leave the dashboard every time you decide to send Emails.

Key Features

  • Template designing and opt-in available.
  • Transition ready.
  • Option to send Emails from your WordPress Dashboard with MailPoet.
  • Can be configured easily.
  • Welcome Emails for each and every visitor on site.

If you had used the older versions of MailPoet before, then you can feel the difference the moment you pick this new MailPoet 3. This is a plugin on which you can really rely on and choose to start your Email marketing.


  • $10/mo.
  • $99/yr.

WP Subscriber Pro

One of the best, optimized and know for its terrific performance in the field of Email marketing, WP Subscriber Pro is really handy when you need your work to be of quality and top notch. This plugin does offer welcome pop-ups, subscription forms for site visitors, which surely can boost your conversion rate to the extent you seek.

Wp subscriber works with popular Email Marketing plugins like Mailchimp, Aweber and Benchmark even without having any problem. You can also integrate Google tracking system within its setting to track your Email conversion.

Key Features

  • Optimized for speed.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Can be integrated with other WordPress plugins easily.
  • Built-in widget.
  • Pop-up animations.
  • Google tracker enabled.
  • Hassle-free customization.

WP Subscriber Pro is not available in free version, but this plugin may help you to get your visitors turn into real subscriber. Go ahead for it, because this plugin is really cool, optimized and provides features which you can’t really avoid.


  • $39 ( Premium )

So, after all this. I think that you might have a rough idea of which Email marketing plugin is best to choose from all these. Always do choose a perfect Plugin which can handle your workload and return the maximum of efforts which you put. In this post, we rolled out the Best 8 WordPress Email Marketing Plugins. Choose the beast which suits you and leaves a comment which will help us to understand your queries.