Best Free WordPress Redirect Plugins for 2019

When you run a website, you have to deal with broken links, spam registrations and other forms of page errors that need to be redirected. What redirection does is lead you to a different page or a post in case the intended page isn’t available.

WordPress Plugin Collection is huge so the number of Redirect plugins is high too. These plugins have all the necessary tools to redirect pages in case of errors that might be out of one’s understanding. Redirect Plugins might not look like a necessity but there’s no running away from the errors your pages start to face as time passes by.

We have handpicked some of the Best WordPress Redirect Plugins for 2019 and enlisted them below. We’re hopeful you’ll find a suitable plugin to integrate with your site.

1. Redirection

Best Free WordPress Redirect Plugins for 2019

Redirection is a powerful and popular WordPress Redirect Plugin trusted by over a million people. It is designed to be viable for sites with small number of redirects to sites with thousand of redirects. This plugin not only reduces page errors, it even improves your site’s ranking.

Redirection helps you manage 301 redirection, keep track of 404 errors and generally tidy up loose ends your site may have. You don’t have to have knowledge about Apache or Nginx to create and manage redirects. You can even redirect based on different conditions. Keeping track of redirects is really easy with the configurable logging option. You can even follow down 404 errors and fix them.

Best Free WordPress Redirect Plugins for 2019

Overall, Redirection is a powerful tool you should have in your WordPress Site to improve its SEO ranking, quality among other things.

2. SEO Redirection

Best Free WordPress Redirect Plugins for 2019

SEO Redirection is another powerful plugin that handles all the redirection problems in your site. It is a suitable tool if you’re changing directory of your site or migrating from an old site to a new one.

SEO Redirection helps you manage 301 redirects and can build and manage redirects with extreme ease. You can manually add 301,302 and 307 redirects for a WordPress post. Moreover it automatically adds a 301 redirection when a URL of a post changes. The advanced control panel lets you control all the functions of the plugin easily. Since it is GDPR compliance, you have control over the amount of IP information that the plugin collects.

3. Simple 301 Redirect

Best Free WordPress Redirect Plugins for 2019

Like its name suggests, Simple 301 Redirect is a straightforward and simple plugin that allows you to have a simple way of redirecting your page. If you’re looking for a hassle free easy-to-use tool without ahving to deal with advanced options and settings then Simple 301 Redirect is the right choice for you.

Simple 301 Redirect mostly deals with 301 redirects. So it is an ideal solution if you’re changing domains or hosts but want to retain the page ranking. The old links will be untouched and the traffic will be redirected to the new link. You can even use the wild-card redirect features with Simple 301 Redirect.

4. Quick Page/Post Redirect

Best Free WordPress Redirect Plugins for 2019

Quick Page/Post redirect provides two different functionalities of redirects to its users; Individual redirect and Quick redirect.

Quick Redirects are fast and simple to integrate with your site. You don’t need to have an existing post or page to add it. Simply put the intended URL and destination URL and you’re ready to go. This type of redirect is useful for fixing typos in an old post and such.

Individual Redirects is for posts that already exist. It adds an option meta box to the edit screen for you to put in the location to be redirected to and the type of redirection. It is ideal in situations like duplicate posts, menu items and such.

5. 404Page

Best Free WordPress Redirect Plugins for 2019

404 Page is smart choice if you’re looking to create customized lightweight 404 pages. Unlike other redirect plugins, this plugin doesn’t actually redirect but actually shows a page telling the intended link doesn’t exist.

404 error occurs when there’s a dead link in your website, the page doesn’t exist or it has been removed from the index. A couple 404 error doesn’t sound that bad but the quality of site eventually decreases the more it happens. So to let your viewers not get fed up of poor quality response, a custom 404 page is necessary which this plugin purposefully serves.


These were some of the Best WordPress Redirect Plugins that you can find on the market for free. If you want to have additional functionalities,you have to get premium ones. But these free plugins are in no way inferior except for missing out couple of services. If we forgot to include plugins of your recommendation then let us know down below.