Backup WordPress Site: The 5 Best WordPress Backup Plugin in 2019

Are you looking for a competent WordPress Backup Plugin to add to your site but can’t choose a specific one? Then you’ve landed in the right place. There’s just too many plugins in the market to choose from and it gets extremely tough for WordPress site owners to pick one. So for your convenience, we’ve narrowed it down and chosen the 5 Best WordPress Plugins that are easy to use and filled with galore of features.

Choosing the best WordPress Backup Plugin

If you invest so much resources in your site, having a secure backup in case something goes wrong is completely justified. WordPress is vulnerable to various things so as a security measure you have to have a Backup Plugin installed. But while choosing one you might buy something that costs a lot but later find out it doesn’t fulfill your requirements. That’s pretty bad as you lose your time and resources. There are certain features that determine how suitable a plugin is for you. I’ve listed some of them below.

  • Backup Types: There are two backup types; Database Backup and Complete backup. The first one backs up your WordPress Database while the latter one backs up the entire website including all the WordPress file and the whole database.
  • Ability for scheduled/automatic backups
  • Backup Locations: Whether the plugin backs up on your own server or to the cloud
  • Fast and Easy Restoration
  • Server Tools like Malware scan, Monitor storage , database scan and repair etc

Without any further ado, lets jump right into the list.

UpdraftPlus (Free + Premium)

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugin in 2019

Trusted by over 2 million users and tried and tested for thousands of different scenarios, Updraft Plus is the most popular and one of the most powerful WordPress Backup plugin in 2019. It lets you backup your WordPress file and database into the cloud and restore them when needed in just a matter of few clicks. Not only this plugin is inclusive of almost all the features you might ever need, it is also simple and intuitive to use. It used fewer server resource than other plugin so the backup process is extremely fast.

Key Features

  • Backs up to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 etc
  • Premium version can backup to MicroSoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft OneDrive and more
  • Tested on more than 1 millions sites
  • Database Encruyption(Premium)
  • Automatic Backup Schedules
  • Incremental Backups(Premium)
  • Multi site / Multi network compatible (Premium)

VaultPress (Free + Premium)

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugin in 2019

VaultPress is another highly rated WordPress Backup Plugin that not only backups your data but provides security measures to protect them from various factors like malware and hackers. Since it’s an automatic Backup plugin, it automatically backs up every elements of your website to the server ranging from posts, comments to dashboard settings and everything in between. As it comes integrated with JetPack Plugin, it needs JetPack or Aksimet to utilize most of its function. And since having a lot of plugins in your website isn’t a good thing, VaultPress carries a drawback when added to your site.

Key features

  • Real time backups
  • Security Scanning
  • Restoration with a click
  • Good for migration and File repairs
  • Calendar view option

BackUp Buddy(Premium)

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugin in 2019

BackUp Buddy is your friendly and easy yet powerful WordPress Backup Plugin that’s been around for a decade, providing services to over a half a million sites. You never know when your run into malware, server crashes, hacks etc that might cost you your whole website.But BackUp Buddy backs up the whole WordPress site effortlessly. When we say it backs up the whole site we don’t mean just the database and couple of files. It backs up the WordPress files, themes, core files, plugin, media library and so much more. Moreover when you get this iTheme made plugin, you get 1 GB of free BackUp Budyy Stash Storage space, manage 10 WordPress sites for free and ticketed service for geat customer support.

Key Features

  • Off-Site Backups
  • Customize Backup Contents
  • Email Notifications
  • Change Host/Server or Domain/URL
  • Database Scan and repair

BackWpup (Free and Premium)

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugin in 2019

BackWpup is an ideal WordPress Plugin as you don’t have to deal with tons of unwanted fuss while setting it up while operating it. It backs up your complete installation and lets you download the .zip file or pushes them to third party backup service like Dropbox, Amzon S3 etc. You can setup automated backups and additionally makes the backup archives management, log file managements etc easy and effortless. While the free version is basic and doesn’t provide much fancy features, the premium version is powerful and packed with tons of features.

Key Features

  • Multisite Support
  • WordPress XML Support
  • Encrypted Backup Archives (Premium)
  • Wizard for system tests (Premium)
  • Premium Support (Premium)
  • Automatic Updates (Premium)

Duplicator (Free and Premium)

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugin in 2019

Duplicator is a powerful WordPress Backup Plugin useful for not only backups but migrating WordPress site too. It incorporates your site’s files, plugins, themes and all the other contents and zips them into a file called package. When you need to recover your site, you can do it pretty easily with its help. Moreover it might not be a perfect choice for you if you lack technical knowledge about WordPress, Plugins etc. If you need a backup plugin built with WordPress Migration Plugin, Duplicator is the perfect option for you.

Key Features

  • Scheduled Backups
  • Premium Support
  • Multi threaded for larger website support
  • Easy connection to cPanel
  • Email Notifications

What we have to say

We narrowed down the list of hundreds of Backup Plugins to a few to help you find a suitable Plugin for your site. Although they look like they’re the same and do the same work, each of the plugin above have slightly different features and overall functionalities than others. What’s the ideal solution for you depends fully on what your expectations are from it.

If you’re going for a popular option then UpdraftPlus and BackWpup are the ultimate choice for you. Meanwhile, VaultPress is the right solution if you not only want to backup your site but also prevent security hazards. BackWpup is easy to use while Duplicator is the opposite as its more suitable for developers and tech-savvys.