Best WordPress Image Gallery Plugin of 2019

Are you looking for the most suitable WordPress Image Gallery Plugin to integrate in your site?

It’s amazing the ability of WordPress to host various types of contents for you to create and publish whatever you like. Furthermore there are more things you can do to enhance their presence. A fitting example for this is WordPress Image Gallery Plugins. Image Gallery plugins bring out the best of your photographs and other visual contents and makes your site dynamic and attractive.

But every plugin has its highs and lows. There are certain things they specialize at while they fall short on some other things. However there are couple of things that make a plugin suitable for website owners of every niche. These include the following:

  • Features: The amount of features on plugin has is monumental to determine how good it is. Some plugins are built in with tons of functionalities while some need additional addons. However you should keep in mind that as the number of functionalities grow, the weight of the plugin grows too.
  • Ease of Use: Not everyone is a tech savvy so whatever task it is, people should find it easy to do that. Plugins should be easy to operate regardless of someone’s expertise.
  • Customer Support: Honestly speaking no plugin is quite perfect. Sometimes they might crash or run into some problem and at times like this you need advice from expert. You might also need proper customer support for times you find certain plugin related task difficult.
  • Speed: A website’s speed play a huge role in user experience and SEO. Plugin’s speed shouldn’t hinder the site’s speed. Instead they should improve it.

Now that you know about things that determine usability and suitability of plugins, you might want to check out what options you have. There are hundreds of WordPress Image Gallery Plugins and out of them some of them stand out as the best ones. We’ve handpicked them carefully and enlisted them down below.


Best WordPress Image Gallery Plugin of 2019

Price: $29

Modula is an extensive WordPress Image Gallery Plugin that elevates the level of your image and creates an amazing gallery. It provides a user friendly drag and drop builder to to easily create the layout of your gallery with couple of clicks. And when you want to edit them, you can preview the changes from the admin area to make sure things are working exactly like you want. It enables you to take control of image sizes and manage what image to put the maximum highlight on. Additionally Modula adds Social Media Sharing Icons and integrates with social medias like Pinterest, Interest and such.

This plugin lets you add lightbox to your gallery with just a few clicks and gives you varieties of lightbox styles to choose from. This includes FancyBox, Lightallery, Maginific Popup, PrettyPhoto and more. Overall, Modula provides lots of display options and gives excellent customer care making it one of the best WordPress Image Gallery Plugin of 2019.

Key Features

  • Image Hover effects
  • Video Gallery
  • Image Loaded effects
  • Deep linking
  • Password Protection

Envira Gallery

Best WordPress Image Gallery Plugin of 2019


Envira Gallery is one of the most feature equipped WordPress Image Gallery Plugins that makes the creation of galleries extremely effortless. It is known for being easy to use, quick and extremely powerful. Developer’s at Envira Gallery Team made sure anyone with or without coding knowledge can use this plugin. It features drag and drop gallery builder so you don’t have to waste too much time in front of a screen to build galleries. Whether by using the built-in WordPress templates or by creating your own, with its customization API you can easily customize the gallery without having to deal with tons of settings.

Moreover, Envira Gallery is compatible with WooCommerce which makes it suitable for selling images online. This is preferred by photographers and website owners that deal with image selling. One huge factor that makes Envire more desirable is the amount of addons you can add later on in case you’re no satisified with the features it offers. I personally prefer Envira gallery without addons as its already filled with hundreds of features. But if you’re not satisfied with the built in features, there’s always space to add more.

Key featues

  • Albums and social sharing
  • Beautiful Slideshows
  • Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress 5.0
  • Image Tags and Watermarks
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Dropbox and NextGen Importer

NextGen Gallery

Best WordPress Image Gallery Plugin of 2019

Price: $79

With almost over 2 million downloads every year, NextGen Gallery is one of the most desired and popular WordPress Image Gallery Plugin. Whether you want to create a simple basic image gallery or want a powerful advanced gallery with tons of features, NextGen Gallery at your service to fulfill all your needs. Generally speaking, if you are a photographer, image professional or a visual artist, you’ll love all the feature it provides that make selling images online extremely effortless.

On the front end you get wide varieties of gallery styles, album styles with tons of customization options while on the back end you get a complete WordPress Gallery Management system with the capability of uploading photos, arrange/add/delete/sort the, import meta data and more. In conclusion, NextGen Gallery is a viable option for you to integrate to your site.


These were the best WordPress Image Gallery Plugin in 2019 to create dynamic image gallery. We hope you found the perfect solution for you. One thing you shouldn’t forget is a lot of plugins can slow down your site’s pace. In case you need to check your site’s speed you can check out the best tools to check site speed. In case you have any suggestions, let us know.