10 Best WordPress Plugins

Using a dull and feature-less website is infuriating. You have to waste unrecounted amount of time just to complete a simple task. Websites need to flexible, versatile and dynamic. This is where Plugins come into play.

WordPress plugins are tools that extend the functionality of your WordPress website. They fulfill the concerns of a website owner as well as the user’s. There are plenty of plugins that minimize the amount of work in your hand. But since not all plugins are made equal, some might do the same work but have a lot of feature differences.

From over 55,000 WordPress plugins, we have selected the 10 best ones that significantly improve the quality of your website. These plugins will help you make your site secure, stable, SEO friendly for a strong online presence.

1. Akismet

10 Best WordPress Plugins

Ever website owner is bothered by the mere thought of spams. They considerably decrease a website’s credibility, eventually affecting the traffic. To filter out all the spam comments so you can focus on other things, Akisment comes into play.

Akismet is a plugin that basically opts out spam comments on your website. It even provides you information about the comments so you can learn which of them were spam. Moreover, setting up Akismet is easy as it is integrated with other powerful plugins like Jetpack and Contact Form 7. If your site is personal or a blog, you can get it for free. However if it’s commercial, you have to subscribe its monthly plans. Along with filtering out the spam, Akismet provides your site security too.

2. Yoast SEO

10 Best WordPress Plugins

With the increment in number of search engines, the number of people using them is increasing subsequently. Search engines are convenient so the growing use is easily justified. They play a huge role in bringing traffic to a specific website. Their importance is growing by the day. This is where sites with plugins like Yoast SEO have a significant upper hand.

Yoast is a useful plugin that helps you make your content better, improving the search results ranking. It attracts and gets more visitors in your website and increases their engagement. It runs a check on the content you’re writing to check use of keywords, helps you increase the readability among other things. Moreover, Yoast SEO makes sure your website is optimized for changes with every update to search algorithms of major search engines.

3. WooCommerce

10 Best WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce is a powerful plugin if you want to include anything that involves buying/selling in your website. If your site is an online store, this plugin can be used effectively and efficiently. It helps you grow your website in measures you may not usually consider.

As a store owner, it opens a door of numerous opportunities for you site to thrive. As a developer, it provides flexibility and adaptability for you to create what your client demands. With WooCommerce, a customer can buy anything, anywhere with convenience. It provides built in payment processors from Stripe, PayPal, credit cards and numerous other options.Furthermore, it helps the site owner manage customers and their orders. Overall, WooCommerce is a must add plugin if you want to go beyond what a traditional eCommerce plugin offers you.

4. Everest Forms

10 Best WordPress Plugins

The importance of a contact page in a website is monumental. If you want a feedback or just a suggestion from your viewers or make it easier for them to contact you for business deals and such, you have to have a contact page. Plus they have to well designed and convenient for engagement.

Everest Forms lets you create contact forms with drag and drop feature. With this you can not only build contact forms, you can build unlimited amount of other forms too. It has a 100% responsive template and supports all the basic form-elements like radio, dropdown and more. Further, it features multiple column layout, Multiple email recipient, Smart tags etc. The premium version has more to offer than the free one with extendable features like Syle customizer, MailChimp, Multi part forms and many more.

5. Jetpack

10 Best WordPress Plugins

Jetpack is a really powerful plugin that overall elevates the state of your website. It basically provides security and helps you improve the site’s performance. But that’s only the tip of the feature it provides. With Jetpack, you can be certain to have a website that’s going to be better than other website, performance wise.

The security of your site is in safe hands with Jetpack. It provides defense against hacks, spam, malware, data loss and downtime. Everytime your site is having an issue, it emails you about the situation. It also loads high resolution pictures in your site without having to wait for long. Additionally you get hundreds of themes for customizing your page into a professional and elegant looking website. Managing your website can not be more easier that this.

6. Google XML Sitemaps

10 Best WordPress Plugins

Google XML Sitemaps is a powerful SEO plugin for bringing traffic in your website. We don’t need to stress over the importance of SEO for a website’s success. The performance of a website revolves around good SEO.

Google XML Sitemaps creates a XML sitemap of your site to help search-engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing index your site better. These search engines can see the structure of your site and retrieve data more efficiently. Every time you create a new content, yout sitemap gets updated and it notifies the SEs about it. The retrieval of data gets easier, faster and efficient.

7. W3 Total Cache

10 Best WordPress Plugins

W3 Total cache is the only web host agnostic Web Performance Optimizer(WPO) used by over a million publishers. It improves the performance of your website and improves the SEO.

W3 Total Cache is a caching plugin that stores website’s cache temporarily so that it loads faster the next time you open the page. This plugin uses features like Content Delivery Network and reduces the page loading page subsequently increasing the website’s performance. It allows page caching, feed caching, CSS and Java caching among other things. In conclusion, W3 Total Cache optimizes your webpage for faster site-speed and better SEO ranking.

8. Vaultpress

10 Best WordPress Plugins

You can never know what might go wrong with your website. For this purpose, having a backup is really necessary. Vaultpress is a major plugin that provides real time backup of your website. It also provides security measures for you page.

Powered with Jetpack, Vaultpress backs up every post, comment, media file, revision and dashboard setting of your site to the server. You can create optimized backups and restore them when necessary. Furthermore, Vaultpress also helps you protect you site from hacking, spamming and more. It scans and detects malware and emails the administrator about it. If you have any problem with this plugin, you can get a really good customer service too.

9. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

10 Best WordPress Plugins
10 Best WordPress Plugins

Keeping a tab on how well your page is doing is important for running a successful website. You need to keep track of your statistics and analyze the website traffic. This is where Google Analytics is really useful.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights helps you understand your site’s traffic better and makes it easy or you to manage them. Data driven business thrives on the internet. With Google Analytics, you get actionable analytics reports, customized reports for eliminating stats that don’t really matter etc. Audience report, Behavior Report, Content report, ECommerce report etc are some of the stats that google analytics provides.

10. Broken Link Checker

10 Best WordPress Plugins

Going to a website and finding out the links are broken is pretty annoying. As a viewer, your time gets wasted and the experience is ruined. As a website owner, you lose your viewers and potential customers. So to avoid such hassle, a powerful plugin called Broken Link Checker comes into play.

What Broken Link Checker basically does is monitor your website for broken links. If it happens to find one, it notifies though email or the dashboard. This plugin checks all the posts, comments, images and other contents in your website and instantly notifies in case of a broken link. Moreover it prevents search engines form following the broken links and makes them look different in the posts.

These were the 10 best plugins we picked with delicacy to help you have a proper functioning website. These will surely help you have a better and effective online presence and running successful website. We hope you found a suitable plugin to use for your WordPress website.