6 Best WordPress Review Plugins for 2019

The importance of recommendations and reviews for a product to thrive is humongous. A lot of people rely on online reviews and recommendations to base their opinion on services/products and determine if they’re suitable for them.

WordPress sites that deal with reviews can use WordPress Post editor to deliver reviews but it won’t even compare to what Review Plugins provide. Your content should not only provide information, it should also make the information look entertaining to engage the viewers. There should be the “wow” factor to lure in audiences and keep them occupied.

The right WordPress Review Plugin amps up the professionalism, reliability and quality of your reviews while also improving the SEO of your website. We’ve handpicked some of the Best WordPress review Plugins to integrate with your site and enjoy all its features. The list below includes some of the most competent ones for you to choose from.

1. WP Product Review

6 Best WordPress Review Plugins for 2019

WP Product Review is one of the best and most sought after plugin in the WordPress community. It’s a simple plugin that eases the flow of communication from reviewers to audiences. The review fields are not only beautiful, well designed and stylish, this plugin also increases the credibility of your content. Your audiences can fully trust them and decide further. It’ll help you organize the reviews without compromising on the professionalism of it.

Key Features

  • Quick Amazon Integration
  • Affiliate Buttons
  • Custom Icons
  • PROs and CONs
  • Import Options
  • Multiple Review Layouts
  • Engaging User Rating
  • Support For Rich Snippets

If your site deals with reviews on a regular basis, and you want to deliver your audiences with clean reviews and preferably make money with attached links, get WP Product Review now.

2. WP Review

6 Best WordPress Review Plugins for 2019

WP Review is a very effective plugin that puts other review plugins to rest in terms of feature it provides. It is stacked with galore of functionalities for you to make use of once you set it up in your WordPress site. It is really versatile as you can choose from 14 different rich snippet and 16 Predefined designs to match the content of your review. Whether you’re doing a review on a book, movie, product, game, service or anything, WP Review accommodates with each one. This theme provides you with an Advanced Options panel to configure or customize all the components.

Key Features

  • Pop Up and Notification Bar
  • Comment Reviews
  • Comparison Table
  • User Comment Reviews
  • Compatibility with any WordPress Theme
  • Integrated with Yelp Reviews, Google Place Reviews, Facebook Reviews
  • 10 Custom Widgets

This powerful plugin lets you create mobile beautiful, friendly and full of information reviews that will significantly improve the state of your WordPress site.

3. Site Reviews

6 Best WordPress Review Plugins for 2019

If you invest so much time and effort into building a good looking site, you also have to think about its functionalities. Your site includes review section means you need to have a reliable and powerful plugin, like Site Reviews to handle all the operations. Site Reviews is an excellent option for your audiences to submit their reviews of products, services and such. With its simple settings page, you get control over what review to pin on top, require approval before new review submission, send custom notification on a new submission and more.

Key Features

  • Ajax Pagination of Reviews
  • Configurable Widgets
  • Shortcodes
  • Rating snippets in Google search results
  • Polylang Integration for multilingual websites
  • Bayesian Ranking for posts wth assigned reviews
  • Integrated with Honeypot to avoid Spams

4. Taqyeem

6 Best WordPress Review Plugins for 2019

Taqyeem is a powerful WordPress Review Plugin developed for the sole purpose of adding reviews and ratings in your post, page and custom post types. It has a very sleek design with two themes; light and dark to choose from. It provides you customization options to match the aesthetic of your post/page. From a galore of fonts, color, style and cafeteria to hand-pick, Taqyeem has everything you expect from a Review Plugin.

Key Features

  • Advanced Typography
  • Shema SEO Rich Snippet Review Microdata
  • Unlimited Colors and Review Criteria
  • Localization Support
  • Advanced reviews Widget
  • Multiple Review Styles

The only downside of Taqyeem is it doesn’t provide the functionality to add a button on your review boxes so you’ll have to purchase an extra button Addon for that.

5. Ultimate Reviewer

6 Best WordPress Review Plugins for 2019

Like its name suggests, Ultimate Reviewer is the ultimate option in the pool of WordPress Review Plugins to integrate with your site. If you’re planning on turning your theme to full review site, it’s doubtful you’re going to find any better option than Ultimate Reviewer. From creating your own templates to dynamically changing the order of comparison tables, it does everything. You don’t even need to have basic programming knowledge to use this plugin.

Key features

  • Drag and Drop builder to create review templates
  • Rich Snippet support
  • Multiple Rating criteria
  • User review/rating
  • Site review/rating
  • Comparison tables
  • Multiple review widgets
  • Bundled with WP Bakery Page Builder
  • Top notch Support

6. WP Customer Reviews

6 Best WordPress Review Plugins for 2019

A lot of templates that the review plugins provide are either too bland and minimalist or too complex that the reviewer’s cant even find their way around. WP Customer Reviews stays right in the middle of these. It is one of the best customer review plugins for audiences of your site to leave reviews. It lets you set up specific page on your site to receive viewer’s feedback. Although its packed with tons of features and functionalities, it is well documented so it is fast and doesn’t slow down your site.

Key Features:

  • Completely Customizable
  • Supports both Business and Product review types
  • Works with caching plugins and custom themes
  • Multiple anti-spam measure
  • Moderated Submissions
  • Includes external stylesheet
  • Reviews can be edited by admin


There are hundreds of WordPress Review Plugins out of which these 6 came on top. Wp Review and WP Product are arguably the best review plugins you can get. But sometimes other plugins provide you features that they don’t. We hope you found a suitable plugin for your site to match its looks/style.