“Step-by-Step” Guide to Create Survey Forms on WordPress | Best WP Survey Plugins!

The Online Survey is known to be one of the best digital marketing strategies today. The method served as a reliable option for audience engagement. On the other hand, it gives you an in-depth idea of your viewer’s nature, the market statistic, and what to target next. Whether you’re a novice marketer or established, your interest in creating a survey form indicates ‘you’re on the right track’. When you’re on WordPress, once or often it might have pinched your mind,“How to create survey forms?”

If you haven’t added survey form on your WordPress site and seeking out for the way, you have landed on the right runway. We will guide you how to get the job done step-by-step; as well as we are about to recommend the best WordPress survey plugins to try out.

how to create survey forms on wordpress

Before we head out to create survey forms on WordPress site and recommended plugins, let’s have a quick look at what definition it stands on as well as advantages of WP survey plugins.

What is a WordPress Survey Plugin? What Are the Advantages?

Generally, a WordPress survey plugin is a software coded in terms of a web widget. The prime purpose of such widget is to create a medium through which audience of your site able to share their views on a given topic. An online survey could be done on purpose of data collection or of entertainment.


Adding a WordPress survey form on your site can be advantageous in many ways.

  • Online surveys may help you understand the interest and preferences of your site visitors. This way, you can serve the right content to your audience they are affectionate in.
  • Surveys are helpful in boosting site traffic engagement in no time.
  • When you know the nature of your audience, it gets easier for you to decide what you should promote and how you must build your website.
  • Online surveys help you stay updated with current trends and what are people buzzing about.
  • Throughout a survey strategy, you can track your past and current progress. So to take a proper action for future.

Many professional bloggers and digital marketers have admitted the fact that adding survey form on WordPress site has turned out to be a great profit. So, if you are still falling behind, this is the time to make a change.

We have made your task easier, shared the ultimate guide to add or create a survey form on WordPress based websites. Additionally, we have shortlisted the best WordPress survey plugins for your convenience.

Guide to Create Survey Forms on WordPress Sites

Creating a survey form on WordPress managed sites won’t take much of effort if you once learn the process. Numerous plugins are available out there for free, and each survey plugins has its own unique process to create online surveys. Nevertheless, most of these plugins come with a pretty much similar method to get the job done.

We have built a step-by-step guide on how to create survey forms on WordPress using one of our recommended plugins. This may give you a crystal clear idea of the process most of the survey plugins shall follow on.

Step 1: Install and Activate a Survey Plugin

The process of installing and activating a WordPress plugin via Dashboard is the same for all. There are several more ways to install WP Plugins we are sharing the simplest process though.

  • Login to your WordPress account and from Dashboard admin panel you will see “Plugins” option.
  • Click on it and you will be directed to a page where you can Add Plugins from.
  • Right next to the Keyword button, there is a search box. Click and type your desired Plugin name.
  • Now, you can see some Plugin results on the page related to your typed keywords. Select the right plugin once you see the proper details of it.
  • Click on the “Install Now” button and it will start the installation process.
  • Once it is installed, a success message will pop-up with a preview or activation link.
  • Click to Activate your plugin and you are good to go. Further, you may configure or customize the installed plugin according to your need.

Step 2: Choose Your Survey

Once your survey plugin is set, you can see the menu of newly activated survey Plugin. From there, you may proceed to pick the type of your online survey form to create.

  • Click on the menu shown in the below image and you will land on another page to get started creating the survey.

best survey plugins for wordpress

  • Under the “Content” section, pick your desired type of survey that meant to suit your requirement.
  • After that, a Login page will appear. Here, use your existing social media login credentials as such Facebook, Twitter or use Google+ account. Alternatively, you can signup for a new account using an active email ID.

Step 3: Create Your Survey Form

After login in, you are ready to create survey forms for WordPress site. From this point, you may create questions, add a description to the question, change the layouts, add media (if required), etc.

Options to change the Layout will help you place your survey on the user screen according to your need. While adding a media content, you may choose video or image format.

To the right of the page here, you can set the “Settings” menu. You may create multiple answers there with your question. Your users are supposed to choose one from the multiple answers. Either way, you can let your users write their own answer.

Once you are done creating your survey questions and set the layouts and settings, hit the “Publish” button at the bottom.

Clicking the “Publish” button will ensure your survey is ready and your audience is about to be asked for survey whenever they are on your site.

That’s how you create a survey form on your WordPress site using a plugin. We have a bundle of best survey plugins for WordPress site recommended below. To make sure you use the effective plugin for best result, look nowhere else.

Best Survey Plugins for WordPress Website

This list of the best Survey plugins for WordPress consists of both free and premium tools to meet your suit. Free survey plugin is a great option if your budget is pulling your back. Premium survey plugins are at best suit for a kick start or good-running sites. Help yourself to pick the best option for your business.

1: Modal Survey (Pro)

Modal Survey is a good option for creating surveys, forms, quizzes, you name it. This is an incredibly responsive survey plugin that creates a perfect display for both mobile and PC users. Either you are into collecting details or simply attracting users with interactive polls and quizzes, this WordPress survey plugin is worth your penny.

modal survey

When your prime motive is to boost audience engagement in your site, Modal Survey does the best. The plugin comes with a handful of options to display charts, progress bars, and more.

Modal Surv₹ey Key Features:

  • Incredibly responsive and versatile.
  • It allows you create surveys, quizzes, polls, trivia, etc.
  • Using the visual form builder you can customize the best of it.
  • Displays rating starts.
  • Numerous options for creating forms.
  • Options available for sized and full-screen forms.

 Cost: $35


2: Opinion Stage

This is an ultimate survey plugin available for WordPress at no-penny cost. Opinion Stage stands out of the crowd for many reasons. To create a picturesque and massive engaging survey, this plugin is our best voted for small business, blogs, and high-traffic sites. With Opinion Stage, you can create Surveys, Polls, Quizzes, Forms, and Slideshows.

opinion stage

This is a great option to uncover audience interest and user opinions as well as to keep your viewers attracted towards your website. Without a doubt, Opinion Stage is one of the best catch as WordPress Survey builder. Have a look at the key features to know ‘why’.

Opinion Stage Key Features:

  • The survey plugin is deal to create surveys, forms, polls, slideshows, and quizzes.
  • You can embad your brand logo to the created survey forms.
  • Tons of options available for survey customization.
  • You may filter the created polls based on the categories.
  • Option to monitor your poll shares in detailed.

Cost: Free


3: eForm Builder (Pro)

Another one of the best premium survey plugin for WordPress, eForm Builder comes with highly functional and advanced features to look for. It creates responsive survey forms, user feedback pages, payment forms, and more. Additionally, yu can create engaging quizzes for your users with stunning background and interactive layouts.

eform builder for wordpress

The plugin has an immense UI that any novice admid could get used to. As to talk of Payment forms, it is highly fucntional with Paypal, WooCommerce, and other standard online payment methods.

eForm Builder Key Features:

  • The forms created are highly responsive for both mobile and PC access.
  • To set the forms, you don’t need any coding.
  • The plugin ensures highly security platform for online playments.
  • No additional cost for user support and they are fast.
  • Best suited for eCommerce sites.

Cost: $38


4: WP Polls

WP Polls is another must try free survey plugin available for WordPress sites. To help you run a high-traffic engaged site, WP Polls is an ideal plugin. It creates surveys and polls from scratch whilst you can pick your suited template from pre-made list. Adding your survey wideget at the right place, creating polls with multiple answers, etc., everything in a single plugin.

WP Polls

WP Polls is highly recommended if you ask for free WordPress survey plugin. Though the plugi is  afree givaway, don’t be surprised seeing its mesmerising output.

WP Polls Key Features:

  • The plugin is easily customizable.
  • It comes with an user friendly UI for easy access.
  • Advanced prepared templates are available.
  • Plugin can be installed and activated easily in no time.
  • Updated regularly and greate customer support team.
  • Survey or Polls can be added as Widgets.

Cost: Free


5: YOP Polls

One of the best WordPress survey plugins, YOP Polls can serve as a great alternative to any premium survey plugin. It is a free plugin that creates surveys and polls matching your blog post outlook. Its super-user-friendly UI makes it easier to apply and create stunning forms.

BEST wordpress survey plugins

With YOP Polls, you can set a specific schedule for polls or surveys come to live.  The Vote Permission feature helps you limit the user votes as your set. Regardless the plugin is free, it comes with some awesone features to consider.

YOP Polls Key Features:

  • Every polls/surveys can be created, added, edited, or deleted specifically.
  • Set up end/start schedule for each poll or survey.
  • The plugin has a simple design for surveys.
  • Highly responsive forms.
  • Reset feature available for surveys and polls.
  • Unwanted IPs, users, and spams can be deleted or banned easily.

Price: Free


Final Words

If you understand the need of understanding your audience interest, these best WordPress survey plugins will surely feed your need. To remind you, taking polls, online surveys, entertaining quizzes are all proved effective strategies to increase user engagement. Despite the platform, medium, and nature of your business, creating surveys always pays off. So, spending a few buck on the premium survey plugins for your WordPress site worth it.

Never underestimate these above recommended free survey plugins for WordPress either. They all worked to be effective and best alternatives to paid WordPress plugins for survey forms.

Choose wisely and try out any of these WordPress plugins that suits best your needs. The procedure to create survey forms on WordPress we have instructed will do the rest.