Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Are you looking for suitable plugins to integrate to your photography site? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s the collection of the best WordPress Plugins for Photographers that you need to check out.

As you already know that WordPress is an excellent platform to showcase your photography, the photography themes that you use might not be as equipped as you want them to be. While some people may be content with what they get, others want to push boundaries and have their site really powerful. When a website is equipped with the best plugins and add-ons, it really stands out, giving you major advantages.

But in hopes of making a site dynamic, people often add too much necessary plugins that effects the speed performance which eventually hinders the SEO. So you should take major caution while choosing the tools you add to your site. If you have two plugins that do different tasks but stumble upon a special plugin that does the work of both of them, you should prefer it more.

The Plugins you use should not only do the work they’re supposed to do but help in other tasks too. For instance, if you choose Imsanity to avoid compressing images, you should make sure it doesn’t increase the load speed too. The plugins we’ve selected and mentioned below will help you in tons of ways to elevate the site of your page. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Envira Gallery

Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Envira Gallery is a WordPress Gallery Plugin that helps you build smart galleries that adapt to your workflow and provide an amazing platform for your photos to thrive. It is a modern, dynamic and an easy-to-use solution for creating responsive photo galleries without having to face unnecessary hassles and inconveniences. Whether you want share or sell your media, Envira Gallery incorporates all the tools that make it happen.

With its drag and drop builder, you can create photos and video galleries in matter of few clicks. Moreover it also provides you pre-built templates to give you a head start on customizing the appearances of your gallery. Likewise its responsive nature makes it possible for your to create galleries that work seamlessly on devices of every size. Similarly, you can also protect your contents with password protection, water marks and many more.

Every photography site needs a suitable gallery to showcase photo and there’s probably no better plugin to do that than Envira Gallery. This is certainly one of the most important WordPress Plugins for Photographers.

Price: $29

Key Features

  • Gutenberg Compatible
  • Deeplinking and Pagination
  • Social Media Integration
  • Albums and Tags
  • Zip/DropBox/NextGen Importer


Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Let’s face it. Every website needs features that make the flow of information interesting and not boring. Sliders are an amazing tool to do that. LayerSlider is an impressive WordPress Slider Plugin that provides you creative, dynamic and innovate ways to present your photographs in your photography site. This multipurpose slider lets you create not only sliders but slideshows and animations too that make your website look really pleasing to the eye.

Easy to build with its visual drag and drop builder, you don’t need to have any technical/coding knowledge to use it. It provides you with over 200 different slide transitions, filters, animations and parallax to elevate the way you present your photos. The LayerSlider editor is one of the most simple and intuitive editing panel that focuses on proving utmost simplicity with control over every aspect of its features. Moreover it uses cutting edge technology and provides maximum speed optimization.

In conclusion LayerSlider is an integral WordPress Plugins for Photographers. You can check out other amazing WordPress Slider plugins if you want a different option.

Price: $25

Key Features

  • Future Proof and Timeline Based
  • Smart Debug Mode
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Retina and high-res Ready
  • Lifetime Updates

Sucuri Security

Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Your site is always under the threat of virus attack, hacking or malware infection. So your website needs to be integrated with proper tools in order to be safe from these security breaches. Sucuri Security is one of the best WordPress Security Plugins that secure your site and provides various measures to mitigate against security threats. It fixes hacks as well as prevents future attacks. This plugin keeps track of the integrity of your core file and lets you know if they been imperiled in any way. Every one of its measures plays role in keeping away malware and other security threats. Moreover, Sucuri Security is available for free installation in the WordPress repository. In Conclusion, this cloud-based platform is an excellent WordPress Plugin for Photographers.

Price: Free

Key Features

  • WordPress Hardening
  • Sucuri Firewall Integration
  • Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Security Notifications
  • Security Activity Auditing

WP Rocket

Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Speed plays a huge role in determining a site’s success. A speed optimized website attract viewers and keeps them there while a site with too much load speed can repel even the most loyal viewers. Usually Images consume the most load time among all the website elements, a photography site should be well aware of it. In order to help have a speed optimized site that provides smooth user experience, WP Rocket, a caching plugin offers various ways to speed up your WordPress.

Being one of the most powerful WordPress caching plugins, it incorporates features and functionalities other plugin would need add-ons for. Easy to set up and configure, you don’t have to deal with complex settings to use this tool. It uses Images in request functionality that makes image load as your visitor scrolls down the page improving the Load time. As you activate this plugin, it creates caches of pages giving you immediate results. It also compresses the size of your HTML, Javascript and CSS files for faster load time.

Price: $49

Key Features

  • Cache Preloading
  • DNS Prefetching
  • Direct Cloudfare Integration
  • GZIP Compression
  • Browser caching and more…..


A lot of factors play a role in making a website succesful. As a website owener, you have to give attention to each one of them. Only then you can reap what you sow. We hope this article of the best WordPress Plugins for Photographers was in someway helpful for you. If it was, leave a comment and let us know. If you have any suggestion, leave a comment below too.